Youtube copyright question?


I’ll try and keep this simple :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a legitimate version of gmod, bought on steam. Can I create a piece of video using ingame content from gmod, and post it on youtube? Would it be elegible for monetization? Is there any copyright infringement there? Do I need permission from Valve/Garry?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, you don’t need permission from anyone unless your using a song.


Should answer your question.

Thanks man. I kinda feel like an idiot now, but i researched this, I swear! :stuck_out_tongue:

Worst Lie Ever.

Would you stop shitposting with 3 word sentences? I mean Christ, at least come up with something constructive instead of just bashing him with “worst lie ever” (which you should remove the capitalization from, it’s annoying to read). Google doesn’t come up with the website or picture I showed, which is basically Garry saying to him that he’s fine and can use his videos for YouTube’s partnership program. He probably has researched this totally like he should, without getting the answer that he wanted.
In all honesty, I think you should research your shit better before posting.

You’ll still get copyright strikes for filming GMod servers though, if the server owner wants to strike you. It’s happened to me before but they’re arrogant kiddies; all you have to do is counterclaim it.