YouTube destroys videos

I posted a video made with other program(something like fraps but better) an was a bit choppy at some parts then after like 2 days it got more choppy-er not like in the original. How can i fix this?

Use source recorder, then play your source record, then record your source record into a video and post it on youtube.

Full HD with the Source recorder. Works perfectly.

For example:


It’s only full HD if your monitor is a large enough resolution for it. :eng101:

start your demo, hit f2 to go the beginning and pause it then type this into console.

startmovie "demoname" avi

and then play using the demo popup menu you opened with f2. you should find an avi file in the directory of the game. This just explains what he said

Well too tell you the truth my video was made in doom 3 game :D. No source recoder there.

good job posting in the garry’s mod section then