YouTube In-game Player

So I downloaded the YouTube In-Game Player for Gmod, and tried it out on single player, worked perfectly.

But then I tried it in my server, and it didn’t even appear on the entities tab. It is installed correctly!

Is it only single player compatible? Thanks.


Did you install it on your server, or are you trying to use it clientside only?

I installed it in my server.

It doesnt work on multiplayer.

According to some people. I have yet to try it.

My server begs to differ

reupload your cache op

The server is in my computer, how exactly should I do that? I delete the cache folder?

Don’t you people start complaining it’s not recommended to run a server and play in it in the same machine.

oh note: Everytime i join my server it re-downloads the lua files to the player…

I just watched a bunch of youtube with guys, so I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

I tried deleting my cache, and it created the cache folder again, just like a refresh, but still nothing.


I really want this to work D:

I already guess you restarted your server one time. If you didn’t, then restart!

But if that doesn’t work it is just weird. I have it seen on multiple servers. Listen servers and dedicated servers.

Else try it on your gmod and see if it works if you go singleplayer / create listen multiplayer server.

If nothing works, then i could’t help you out.

I restarted the server, nothing.
I reinstalled the addon, nothing.
I refreshed my cache, nothing.

I also noticed something strange… I installed DurgzMod and Colonies addons in the server and, DurgzMod worked but Colonies, like Youtube Player, didn’t even show up. That makes 2 addons that are installed but not showing. Could it be an “overload” of addons?


Oh and yes it WORKS in SinglePlayer.

Works fine on my server. Shows up in the entities tab. I just installed Drugzmod, we’ll see if it messes up.

I tried removing some addons I didn’t use for long time (Stargate, Easy Engine and BotMap V2) but still doesn’t work…

I had to change the model in init.lua to the plasma screen from CSS in order to get it to work, since I didn’t have the one they were trying to use so it just showed up as a giant error. Probably not the problem though.
Are there any errors in console? What if you try “lua_reloadents”, are there errors then?

I reinstalled the server, and the only thing I installed was the YouTube Player. It’s working now. Now I’ll just install all the addons 1 by 1 to see which is interfering with it.


Well I said it was working but I hadn’t tested it yet, today I actually spawned it and now I’m facing another problem:

You can’t click it and it is passable.


I tried “lua_reloadents” and it just said “Reloading Scripted Entities…” but not errors.


I think the model is passable because I reinstalled the server and haven’t installed PHX yet, such a noob.

I’ll try that and tell you something.

Ok I installed PHX 3 and now it is working, thanks guys. Now I will install the addons 1 by 1 to see which screws it up.

I’ve heard about servers with the same problems (not this addons) just Gmod not loading addons/gamemodes/Entities/stools in general. It seems to have started happening around revision #65, I reported it on the gmod bugtracker…

After it was fixed, I had 2 friends that couldn’t see. One installed Flash Player on his Internet Explorer and it worked! The other did the same but still does not work for him! What the hell is going on? I think the maker of YouTube Player should have posted some kind of requirements on the download description.

Have your friend get IE6+. It should work then.

I saw on another thread that hooks.lua in ULIB was causing problems with this in multiplayer.
I’m having the same problem, so when I get the chance, I’ll try removing ulib and testing it out.

Got it working. Had to update ULIB and the newest version didn’t conflict.