YouTube Load

Demo Preview:

  • Easy customizable randomization queue
  • Smart playlist generation (not available on demo)

  • Custom static video for specific SteamID(s)
  • Easy customisable overlays
    |- 4 included overlays
  • 2 included jQuery animations
  • Easy volume control

  1. "Always nice to have something different each time you join." -Pococraft Community
  2. "So simple, yet visually appealing" -Diablo Servers



Great job on the loading screen itself, I feel like its amazing for showcasing some interesting/informative/funny videos on mute/very low volume.

Although I cant help but feel alot of l33t darkrp server owners will probably use this to force a shitty dubstep playlist down your throat and crank it at full volume. :nope:

I feel as though this should give players a ‘taste’ of the server’s community.
If server owners feel the need to use dubstep/brostep/any of the other steps, their player base should know what they are getting into.

Amazing, just what I needed and perfect timing. Oh yea and it’s free

Working on an automatic quality control script that will set the video quality based off your latency.
Also might be able to control audio bitrate.

Sounds fantastic

Version in demo and version in download differs.
In download version: Video is not visible. Just black screen
Fixable by removing “background-color: black;” from index.php’s <style> tag, but that’s way overlays doesn’t works.

**Standart Downloaded version

**Removed “background-color: black;”

Demo version screenshot

// I used PHP Version 5.4.41 on downloaded version

Estimation when that addition may come out? I’m excited for it

The demo version uses a overlay global variable to allow switching from overlays easy and simple.
I’ll take a look at the downloadable version in a bit and see what’s going on.


I’m just gonna modify the demo and use that instead.
The current downloadable version is well outdated.

Around the time I turn it into a repositiory

When will a working version be available again for download?

Demo doesn’t support volume control, correct?

I’ll be releasing the repository around tonight with proper fixes.

Alright, we’re open source.

Your branch doesn’t work sadly.
It returns “#ERROR: Missing ‘id’ argument” everytime in the index.php or is is still incomplete?

Really good project though, the only of its kind!

That means that you are missing the ‘id’ url variable.
make sure what you are setting your “sv_loadingurl” to “

Article:Loading URL

I did that but no video plays.
It just shows a black video with a play button.

I used the ID 76561198060486309 and it works on your demo site.
I uploaded the files as they were and added my API key to the config file.

Make sure you are using the github version