YouTube Player 2.0 freezes

I haven’t found a topic about this anywhere after searching, and I can’t even find the release thread for the YouTube player.

I’ve downloaded and installed the player ( I spawn a screen entity for the player, press E on it, and paste a URL to a YouTube video for it to play. When I click the “Play video” button, the screen on the prop turns white, and then the entire game freezes. G-mod won’t respond to anything, and I have to Ctrl-alt-del out of it.

I’m running Windows 7, and my IE is up to date. Flash player, Shockwave player, and Java are all up to date. I don’t have many other addons. Yeah, I have CS:S installed.

Anyone had this problem before? Know what might be causing this?

So NO ONE’s had this problem?

Maybe there’s something wrong with the code, youtube could have been down for maintenance, your internet might have had a retard moment… It could be anything.

I personally have not had this problem, but my game does freeze for about 5 seconds if I alt+tab.

thats why i dont download 2.0’s if it works fine then no need to update

You can downgrade. Maybe. You should ask the author (I forget his name).

Not very helpful. Additionally, the new version works better and doesn’t rape your fps as much.

i havnt really seen a server with this addon

Maybe that’s because it’s particularly for personal use?

Really well its a bit stupid hence the internet and firefox and shit