Youtube player 2.0 help!

I’m having some trouble getting youtube player to work with my dedicated server.
When I spawn it I get this weird effect.

When I go up to it and press e nothing happens.
But it works just fine in single player
I downloaded the older version and it worked fine in my server but, it doesn’t have the projector option.
If you guys have any ideas to make this work please tell.

!!* Just Fixed It*!!
I had downloaded the css props(witch are req. for this addon) from hlds but it saved them to C:\HLServer. All I had to do was copy the css folder to C:\orangebox. And its working now!

hey, right click your taskbar, hit properties, and at taskbar buttons, hit never combine.

makes life easier imo. also, switch from utorrent to jdownloader, its less of a chance to get caught for pirating stuff and faster and easeir. pm me if you need help with jdownloader.

thirdly, what are your system specs? your monitor res is badass.