YouTube Player Doesn't Work.

I know this is kinda unusual, and might sound noobish.
But the Addon called “YouTube” doesn’t work, well it does, it functions pretty well, but when i put in a youtube video URL, the video doesn’t show, i tried doing it in single player and multiplayer (In a server), and it worked for others while it didn’t show/stream any video for me.

Normal YouTube on the internet (I use Google Chrome) works fine
And also does the Steam Web Browser in-game.

You need to include http:// I think. Also, youtube player v2?

I have the same problem D:

Have you even read my post?..

…So that means its not the “http://”. Also yes it is YouTube Player V2.
It just shows it Paused for me, not with the “l l” the “l>” icon, and doesn’t stream shit.

Fixed it^^
Installed Flash PLayer 10 and Phoenix 3 and now work absolutly fine ^^

Hmm, ill see about that and edit my post

Nope… Didn’t work, updated Flash Player to 10…And nothing