YouTube Player error

I spawn it, I can see it. But the I cant pick it up, and it looks quite strange. And doesn’t work. Anyideas?

The server has CSS, and youtube player…

Console errors?

Nope, none what so ever.

Do you have PHX?

Yeah it uses some kind of addon, I forget which. But you need to have it. Heh, maybe someone can shed light 100% on whether it’s definately PHX, or if it’s something else.

OH, no. Im just downloading that…

Get the zip file from here:

I have the SVN of PHX 3. It works fine now thanks!

No problem.

hi guys i am having the same problems

downloaded PHX3 with snv copys fine into my game folder but when i copy to my server files i get errors saying the file cant find the path or something like this ???

i have no idea no been working all day on this but still failing badly

please guys can you assist me