Youtube Player Wont Work in Multiplayer

My friend just installed the Youtube Player onto his server, but for some reason the screen is always black. I enter a URL and nothing happens. It works fine for me in Singleplayer, so I don’t know what’s going on. Apparently, my friend thinks he’s a smartass and he “properly installed it” and “it doesn’t work in Multiplayer,” but my other friends say it does. Any suggestions?

Maybe it DOESN’T work…

No, it works. I seen people watching a movie on it before.

yes it works why dont you go download it and give it a try.

I do have it downloaded, what are you talking about?

I’m getting no help :frowning:

no i was talking to the other douch that said “maby it DOESN’T work…”
and help is hard here but anyway try redownloading it and make sure your putting the link in right you cant just surf youtube with that you have to have the link already just copy paste the link.

Well my friend is being a dick and says, “i’m pretty sure I installed it in the right place” because he has to be right all the time.

there is no install you drag the damn folder into the addons folder. OMG the addons folder is where nearly EVERYTHING goes. Tell him to double check.

I am right all of the time.
Its placement isn’t an issue, my best guess is that it has a conflict with another add-on.



As I suspected, Ulib is in conflict with the Youtube player.

EDIT2: hook.lua in Server Folder of Ulib.