Youtube Poop Character Ragdolls

As much as we enjoy watching Youtube Poop, I was thinking we could bring them in for fun. The problem is that we need to make them by scratch. Whoever’s willing to do make them, we will be greatful. I got the list of character and its references to request… Here is the list.

Dr. Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Famous for his words “promotion,” “pingas,” and “SILENCE!!!” His only dislike is THAT HEDGEHOG!!!

King Harkinian from Zelda CD-i games. He loves dinner, octorok or dodongo. His catchphrase is “mai boi!” I believe his best friends are Link and Gwonam.

Speaking of Gwonam, this is him. He prophesised that Link will be the savior of Koradai. He mostly use his magic carpet for his transportation.

I.M. Meen, the biggest jerk of all time. He hates “bookworms” and traps them in his book that contains a labyrinth. I don’t know what’s his deal with kids, but I say that in his early years as a kid, there are children that are smart than him. That’s ironic for the poor bastard.

Dr. Rabbit, a dentist. Nothing else except when you piss him off, he’s gonna go godly on you.

Paperdoll Man from the Impossibles. I don’t know he got himself famous for Youtube Poop, but people are making jokes about him. O.o;

King Koopa from the Mario cartoons. Yes, I know we got Bowser for gmod, but it wouldn’t hurt to have King Koopa to be part of it, right?

So what do you think, guys? Shall we give them a good start to step toward Garry’s Mod? Think of the wackiest possibilities!

If you put them in Garrys mod, And people start making Garrys Mod Youtube Poops, Im gonna uninstall garrys mod and play wow again

I think you seriously underestimate the amount of effort it would take to make just one of these. I could probably do it in a year, if I actually wanted to waste a year on this.

I think somebody should at least make Dr. Rabbit.

Well I know weegee has a prop.

If you want the King, this is the best you’ll get:

Try one at the time. Who do you want to work on first?

I hope you realize YTP’s are very immature.

Isn’t there already a Dr. Eggman port? That’s close enough to Robotnik.

Dr. Eggman is in his Sonic Adventure design, but the cartoon Robotnik came from AoStH.

This is true, but still, isn’t that close enough?

Maybe, maybe not. I like the AoStH appearance though. :stuck_out_tongue:

None of them. I much prefer working on my original content. Why spend a month making a replica of something someone else designed when you can spend a month making something completely yours?

Because it’s time consuming?

It takes about as much time to create a model from an original design as it does to create a model from an existing design. Maybe a bit more, but not really.

Besides, do you know why people here make models? They want accolades, thanks, fame. Modelers here (and elsewhere) want to be known as “the guy who created the Gordon Freeman model” or “the guy who made the Cthulhu model”. Nobody wants to be “the guy who made that CD-i Zelda king guy from those youtube videos so crappy they have poop in their very name”. Even being “guy who made the model with huge naked boobs” is better than that.

I’m gonna have to agree with the masses here.

While I applaud you not filling your post with “lol,” “xD,” and “:P” like most YTP enthusiasts would, that doesn’t help the issue here–you’re asking for YTP models from Facepunch, which is like asking a llama to don a top hat and cane, then start tap dancing.

So I guess the request is declined then? What if I ask something else then?

the best you’ll get is a paper-thin sprite model in 3d without someone to draw them out. maybe you should try and interest an artist to come up with a sketch design of a few of these characters from different perspectives. maybe.

Hmm… Well, okay.

Thanks anyway though. But I’ll think of something that is easy but scary. I know one, but will make a thread later. If you were wondering who I’m picking, you could pm me about it.

and in response to this,

to some perhaps it’s childish and immature, but to contrast someone on a professional level produced and designed the costume for someone even as trivial as Barney the dinosaur. on a different note, YTP gets a lot of publicity and if someone created these silly objects for random enjoyment he or she would receive gratuitous amounts of respect and recognition.

sounds like to me you’re the type of guy who gets jealous at the numa numa guy for getting famous off a dumb dance. tough fetish.