YouTube Poop death sound

can someone make a .lua file that when you die then Ganon will say “DIE”.
you don’t have to find and edit the sound

i already made the file(i would make the .lua file myself but i don’t know how to script)

Replace these files with that .wav.


Turn suitvolume off. suitvolume 0 <-- in console, and you could put it in this file at the bottom: cfg/autoexec.cfg. Urge your server’s administrator to put that in the server’s cfg. Gets rid of that stupid beeping when you die that nobody likes.


function ganon( victim, weapon, killer )
victim:EmitSound(“sound/DIE.wav”, 100, 100)

hook.Add( “PlayerDeath”, “playerDeathTest”, ganon )

Put this in notepad and save it as anything ending in “.lua”, for example ganon.lua . Then put it in lua/autorun/server after thatput the DIE.wav in your sounds folder.