Youtube poop models

Hi this is my first request.:p. I was wondering if anyone would have the time to make characters from the infamous youtube poop. Heres an example if you don’t know what a youtube poop is

And include these characters
The king

Tyrannosaurus Alan
Mr. Volcano
And the OLD robotnik not the new one from the sonic games.
Also rick astley :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been thinking about doing this, actually. I might get around to working on a model of the King soon.

Cool the king looks hard though cause of the robe and his beard.

Hey, you could make like, a cardboard cutout of him, with a little stand in the back. And Maybe upon pressing the ‘use’ key on him, he’d spew out some of his quotes.

If somebody does Robotnik, make him as a custom model please.

I can see Minge bags spawning a whole army of Kings and making them all say “Mah Boi” at the same time over and over again…LOL


Great idea.

i’m just here for robotnik, so who ever does it, do remember to have the robotic arm

You bumped a thread that’s close to half a year old, buddy.

Not cool.

You know what else is not cool? Not making the model of the King.

^^^ This.

I would love to see a model of the king. You can work with the base of the king daphness hyrule from zelda wind waker. Make him taller, thinner, change the beard and the clothing a bit, and then reskin him.