Youtube Rant - Starting experience in Rust

I did say this in kinda the heat of the moment and some of what i said already has changed, but i thought some of the points are still valid.
Also i do understand that much of what i say may be planned to fix later on, but as of right now, it is indeed a problem.

I agree with this. Tried playing on the pvp server instead of no pvp and noticed I can play for about 1 minute before having to log because of a group of Kevlar rolling up.

I’ve stated the same exact issue.


The difficulty curve has nothing to do with this. We’re not asking for an easier game, just a CHANCE to be able to play.

Both needs to be worked on, i’ma head of a megacorp in EVE, and i think this learning curve is steep xD

Can’t be too easy, I don’t want casuals playing as they tend to ruin games by getting things nerfed.
Just look at what happened to BF3.

It’s already a tad easier to get a house set up. 7 wood per hit on those wood piles.

First of all “Apocalypse” is the word :stuck_out_tongue: Second, why is this a “video”. Third, it takes less than 5 minutes to get enough metal for a gun and ammo.

Just stay out of any players sights, see anyone, run. This game should use same motto as Dark Souls- Prepare to Die ( and also full looted).

So many don’t get that this is pre-alpha,
its being worked on incrementally, step by step, what we see today is only a fraction of its total.
After what been disclosed by developers in other media,
this game as it stands, is not even close to whats to come.
It’s not time to even have this discussion " over all experience ",
break it down and concentrate testing on individual matters as they appear in-game.

“This is in very early public development. Everything will change. Beware.”

You’re right, it does only take 5 minutes to get enough metal for a gun and ammo.
What’re not taking into account is it takes a furnace to make the metal now. Which, no matter how quickly you play will not be nearly as quick. Hard to do this when you’re just starting out.

In the several lives I’ve played, I’ve managed 3 furnaces and only 1 gun with ammo, which I never got to use against an enemy and promptly lost it all because I had no armor and no medpacks. :slight_smile:

Even Chernobyl has green bushes, trees and buildings all over. Your post is moot.

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That may be an option if people couldn’t sight you several hundred yards off with little effort.

I very much realize that it is in alpha, as i do state. This video is just to explain that it is indeed a problem, with little to no cover, you will die, anyone saying anything different is lying. If no one says anything about it, it wont -ever- be changed.