YouTube recorder

Why don’t they make a YouTube add-on that let’s us record parts on gmod and install it to the desktop so we can use windows movie maker so we can add the audio and sound, please reply

P.s. I tried record movie on the garrys mod console code, the little box didn’t appear when i tried it 5 times.

When you’re ready to make the movie type into console
record mymovie
it should look the same, but it’s recording. When you’re done type
stopmovie (or just ‘stop’ i can’t remember)
now in the console type
host_framerate 30
startmovie mymovie avi
playdemo mymovie (same name as beginning)
it should be slow and laggy with no sound.
after it ends type endmovie.
Look in your garrysmod/ folder and you will find the movie with a constant good FPS and no lag.

Thanks for the advice but I tried that already, isn’t a little bot supposed to appear on the top left corner of the screen and you have to change the format of the video in order to see it. Cuz it never pops up, The videos in the garrysmod folder but it doesn’t allow me to play it

Fraps is the best way for recording in game content. Save up for it and in the meantime get good on posing and cameras. Start with the screenshots section.

Thanks I’m already a pro at the posing, but the fraps is a program or is it already in the system

I just got gmod 3 weeks ago

I did have gmod 9 but it didn’t include as many stuff as gmod

Fraps is a program that runs in the background, so when your ready, you just strike the key you assign to be the “record button” and it starts recording. It only records in-game, however, so you can’t record your dekstop.

Fraps is a shitty program that cuts your fps in half.

Only if your pc can’t handle it.


Just use the record, startmovie process. You’ll get ridiculously good quality videos.

No one has an excuse to upload 10 FPS FRAPS videos to Youtube with this function in all Source games.

Well maybe you should stop using your TV as your computer, nowadays pretty much any decent rig can handle it.


Besides, with source recorder you need to know a lot of commands to record, playback, and save a video, while with fraps… F8. I will say though, it sucks that fraps has no compression, which leads to ridiculous file sizes. (Sometimes 3 GB for just 2:30 of video… but a 1 TB HDD solves that.)

use wegame.You can download it here.

WeGame its Awesome!

yes, thats why I suggested it. <3

Well, maybe some time he could add a movie system like The Sims 3 has. Or maybe have a “Video Camera” in the tools, and when you click a button it saves it as an avi. It’d be like saving 30 screenshots a second. :stuck_out_tongue:

The wegame client is good you just need to turn on your recording devices by doing some right-clicking in that little sound icon at the bottom left next to you clock!


this is basically what the source recorder does

honestly a GUI for it would only be good for the tools that lack common sense required to operate it

yep! And its FREE! :smiley: