Youtube rights for RUST?

Hi guys Im having trouble with a video on RUST at the moment that I have on Youtube. Heres the video:

But youtube doesnt think I’m allowed to monetize it for some reason. Is there some bit of text somewhere I can quote/link to them that says I am allowed to make videos of RUST?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t think you can/should monetize on Rust since it’s an alpha game atm and you’re not the dev…

But that is the point of my channel?

I spend the time recording/editing/uploading these videos to try and make some money from ads, in exchange RUST gets free publicity and people get to watch the video and see what it’s like.

Garry has allowed monetizing.

Also, Joe. You can still make content, just not monetize it. Don’t be a greedy bastard.

Im not being a greedy bastard! I made the video for my channel because I use the channel to make money. Is a carpenter greedy for making a cupboard and charging for it…?!

But if Gary has allowed monetizing, is there a link to where he says we can, so I can prove it to youtube?

If you’re a small youtuber doing it for the money. You’re doing something wrong.

Why? I make £300+ a month…

You shouldn’t tell anyone what you make on adsense man