[Youtube Tutorial] Garry's Mod Ingame Editing / Post Processing

[release][h2]Hey guyyyyyyys. I (we) see a lot of people these days who are desesperatly trying to learn photoshop, ending up doing shit and getting flamed when they have a bunch of amazing tools directly into the game![/h2]

Some of you are already familiar with these tools and my explainations aren’t the best (especially with my absolutely horrible accent), yet I hope it’ll help newcomers getting the basics:

Ending result :



What map is that? :v:

Great tutorial, btw.

Custom L4D map I ported, the same one I told you some times ago, so full of glitches I didn’t even bother releasing.

lol why is there a preset in your colorcorrection called taggart.raw

Because you are a sexy man and I couldn’t think of a proper name.

awesome tut

Cool, now i can become weenurs.

Since I’m a nice man and a few people have asked me for a few now, I uploaded the map anyway : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7936558/l4dmapzerax.rar
It has SHITLOAD of lightning problems, LOT of weird texture problems and overall is a bad map.
But is has a few nice places.

I dont really like the result.

You can come up with totally different results depending on the settings you’ve put. That’s the point of a tutorial, showing how to do, not what to do. :v:

Dinnimic shadows

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Really useful, thank you =)

This is very useful!
And your accent is kewl.

That sexy french accent.

The fawkus looks very good.

Awesome tutorial, really helped. I hope you do the posing tutorial, as I need it :stuck_out_tongue:

too bad the end result is shit and 69105 has already been stressing ingame editing for half a year with results ten times better

oh and you sound super fucking awkward; take some public speaking courses

This picture is indeed shit, but it was meant to show people what tools to use and how, not to make them follow the tutorial to the letter.
Oh and you sound super fucking full of yourself; take some behavior lessons. If you do not like it, I’m fine with it, but I don’t really give a damn about your pictures, I’m having fun doing mines, people seem to like 'em, so I keep doing 'em.
Also guess what, I have been using ingame editing for quite some time aswell (my first Gmod 10 picture, despite it being terrible, was using basic ingame mechanics such as lights and colormod), so really, don’t go the penis size comparison way because we’re just going to end up with at least the same size.

Would you like to lose an accent?

accent =/= sounding awkward