Youtube video loading screen

I’ve been trying for ages to get a loading screen for my GMod server. I’ve uploaded the loading screen to Youtube, but I can’t embed it without the youtube buttons and a terrible quality. Is there any HTML code to do this, or should I use the video in a different way?

Current code:

<embed src="" width="1920" height="1080" autoplay="true">

Here you go:

It still shows the advertisements and it has a scroll bar at the side, any tips?

You’re not going to be able to get around the adverts since you’re linking from YouTube’s servers. If I were you I’d download the file and host it somewhere (such as your community website) where you can link to it.

As for the scrollbar that’s because you’re specifying hardcoded widths, set it to 100% width/height and ensure there’s 0 padding/margins.

EDIT: Here’s an example:

Bear in mind that’s hosted on the first free host I could find so who knows how long it’s going to stay up.

people usually don’t care the loading screen, and just all-tab it while it’s loading, i would recommend you use things that don’t emit sounds

be sure to mute sounds