Youtube video player

I was wandering if anyone could make an addon where admins spawn a screen (Like a MOTD type board) and then type a command in followed by the youtube url and then the youtube video will play on that screen. It’s an admin only feature. It used to be in gmod 12 I think… Also, this is for DarkRP. Just wandering, cus it might liven the server a tad etc.

Second option if first option cannot be done, is a SIMPLE youtube player that only plays the sound. There is one in the workshop, but it sucks and doesn’t play all videos for some reason.

There used to be a few. I have been trying to get PlayX to work for days. But, it seems it no longer works with gmod 13. I’m a programmer so maybe if I get someone else who can help, we can recreate the mod.

Hmm, Is PlayX the one in the addons workshop atm?

I’m not sure if its in the Workshop. If it is, I would assume it works. I downloaded the playx from

i last used PlayX about a week ago, and it worked fine.

The one in the workshop? It doesn’t seem to work for me. Everytime I tr to use it, it tells me I don’t have permission.

PlayX works fine (Using workshop version)

Ok I just got mine to work. Pretty cool stuff!