Youtube/video section?

Could FP make a section for all those youtube video’s? That’d be great.

I like it when things are sorted, so i don’t mis out things that interest me because of stuff that should be (imo) in a section.

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It already exists

I also think we could use a “Looking for group” subforum on here…

Too many people making new threads to find a group when there’s already like 10 threads exactly like it on the main page!

Although I agree about a subforum for Rust-related youtube videos.

Why isn’t enforced then :o

Because that’s the general video section. If it suddenly got invaded by Rust videos (more than it already is), I think there’d be problems.

There is no set rule on where Rust videos go, so by default this is the right place.

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There’s already a thread for it. The mods see fit to not enforce this rule too hard, possibly because postal would wear out another mouse banning everyone breaking it.

I imagine postal with a big red BAN button on his desk

To be honest, a video section and clan section would be great. That’s what most of the general Rust section seems to have in it.

Wow that’s an old thread! But yes… a “Looking for group” thread or subforum would be amazing, whether it’s some new one or that older one, just get them out of my face! :zoid:
And you’re right, if that were an enforced rules postal might blow up or something.

… I can only imagine how horrible his job is lol.