Hello All!

My Name is Refuze (Jack) And Im a Youtuber from the UK, I Play such games as World of warcraft, Call of duty and Halo! Recently I have started to play Rust, And I have realy enjoyed it, But I spent days created a base and a HACKER walked through my walls and stole everything. When this happened i decided to Purchase my own server, Which is quite expensive due to my extra AntiHack Addons and much more But I realy dont mind paying this amount.

At the moment the server has around 50 Active players and were inviting more people to come along and join us.

We Record Livestreams and Were on Episode 3 of our Season on youtube “Lets Play Rust”. Our server is going to have Oxide next week which will allow us to input Door Sharing and much much more, Please join our server and take a look and i promise you wont regret it.

If your looking to become admin, No payment is wanted from me but you will have to proove yourself!

Please find below the youtube channel (Recently Hit 1000 Subscribers) And also The ways to contact me. Please also add me on skype.

Skype Jackrefuze
Twitter Jackrefuze
Server IP:

Just been on your server. Its quite good and lag free, Thanks for Hosting Mr Refuze. Please don’t raid me :stuck_out_tongue: