Youtubers discuss the current state of Player interaction and KOS

Have a look, since it’s a topic that’s been discussed a lot here lately. Feel free to give your opinion!

Agree with the main points, there isn’t really that much of a problem with everyone killing each other and that the community should police it. Not really sure why this is such a huge discussion, I disagree that it’s harming the game in any way as well.

I have had A LOT of encounters since I started playing that weren’t just being attacked outright, made friends/joined small villages etc just with random people. Just last reset we had a valley with 3 groups of 2-5 in close proximity of each other, we started out fighting, then we all made a truce with each other and ended up helping each other fend off raids.

Like they said the danger/intensity is half the experience, artificially limiting that would take a big part of the game away. I have been killed many times while naked or just in general on sight, but it’s just part of the game, I wouldn’t be interested in playing it if going out and about wasn’t as suspenseful as it is.

i think there are a few problems in play here. 1) is that the game is still being balanced, and that imbalance can lead to people having advantages beyond what makes the game fun. this of course will be rectified as the game develops, but currently can lead to a very hostile and unpleasant experience, especially for new players.

  1. is that there is honestly very little else to do in the game, and NPC threats become nullified the moment you have a bit of gear and a sleeping bag. once more content is added (read “other things to do than kill your neighbour”) again it will likely balance out a bit. but rust is a PVP game as much as a survival game, and killing each other is always going to be a part of it; don’t like it? you probably aren’t suited to it.

  2. is the hacker/cheater/troll element. whether they are bored and looking to fuck with someone, or they are powergamers finding ways to “win” rust, they blow the server population to bits, and make everyone on edge. suddenly there is a player out there who can not only kill me, but bypass all the games rules and evaporate my hard work in an instant. now although this can never be eliminated entirely, i remain optimistic that given time EAC will have enough data to kill most cheaters very quickly; and that active admins and VAC will do the rest.

  3. is a small but obvious one. people KOS because they cannot trust that the other player is genuinely unarmed. once player hotbar items are shown on the player model, this will be somewhat eliminated since it will be glaringly obvious if they are a naked, or a guy wearing no armour but ready to ak your face off when you turn your back.

i agree though, artificial means of reducing KOS would not be for the better; eliminating some of the causes for the KOS will yield better results, and maintain the sandbox nature of the game.

I’m interested to see how they will address this. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind certain items being concealable provided that you have some kind of clothing on. I can totally imagine a group of people meeting a clan in their own base, while they might appear to be unarmed, each “visitor” has a handgun tucked inside their pants or shirt. Or perhaps you’d like to go on a resource gathering run, but your afraid of losing your expensive shotgun or rifle, so you just hide a revolver in a chest holster underneath the jacket so you can appear to be harmless but remain armed albeit with a weaker weapon.

Pistols or revolves and short knives should be concealed but AK’s and shot guns should not

i personally would have things like knives and pistols strapped to the lower back and a little hidden at first glance: but if you look closely enough, it’s there. and yeah, shoulder holster aks, rifles etc so they can’t be hidden.

or i suppose you could implement a worn item such as “hidden holster” that hides any pistols in your hotbar but takes up a clothing slot.

or give back the search option for living awake players, but add a delay and search animation to circumvent the old “yoink, got the gun you were about to shoot me with” trick. i figure they will come up with something simple and ingenious; seems to be the way.

I feel like any game with open PvP will always have players slaughtering each other no matter what.

DayZ has a similar issue, and it’s really an unsolvable issue.