You've got my back against the wall

You just reminded me of the Cage The Elephant song.


His legs seem a little weird, but very well posed.

I guess some guys just wanna look pretty when they sit down…

excuse me but what the fuck are you doing

I believe he is comparing the sitting style of your pose to the sitting style of the woman in the dress… Just a shot in the dark here…

Cool idea. Editing is nice enough.

Oh, sorry, did I hit a sensitive spot there? I didn’t mean to in any way offend you by letting you know that you just posed a mermaid disguised as a combine…


And yes, yes I did…

i doubt you’d give a fuck about your dick as you’re hiding in cover i’m sorry

We’re simply stating it’s not a man’s first reaction to sit as a princess would when hiding in cover, especially as it’s quite hard to shift in to that position. o.O

jesus christ :suicide:

it’s called a snapshot, as if he just pulled his leg in

it’s not a fucking mermaid

I see someone is abit sensitive to critism…


Okay, I now just realised what a huge gay vibe that gave out…

okay its a mermaid sniper im sorry

criticism is to egevenend as garlic is to vampires

weren’t you in that other dispute with the two combine shooting another combine


yes you were

Nahh, it’s just a pair of legs for cying out loud, if you get on all fours for a second, does that automatically make you a goat?

It was some simple C&C, no need to take it so hard, the rest of the image looks great.


Yeah, you better work on dem legs. Try to take cover yourself and see how you lay your legs.

dgg stay in here and tell him things



do any of you realize that i’m mad for the picture of a crossdresser fucking up my thread

You oughta eat 5 fruits a day and finish up your vegetables, even if you don’t like them.

You should also go take out the trash.