Yugioh Dragons

Can sombody make a model/ragdoll for the Blue-eyes white dragon and red-eyes black dragon from yugioh? i couldnt find any and i think it would be really cool to play around with them in Gmod.

You are lucky that while browsing over the models resource I found a lot of blue eyes white dragon “monsters”(What is this thing like?)



You can now find someone to rig this.

The link to both is here, and here

Awesome, by seeing how it is in the pic it looks cool and should work. and for your question of what it was like, i guess tht means how it acted and stuff, but if i remember right in the show it was a powerhouse that could beat anything. now if we could get a Red-eyes black dragon model, mabey even more than tht.

I don’t know much of the show, but I do know about the cardgame.

There is cardgame pack floating around here, but you have to look for it.

(I have void ogre dragon card. which has 3000 attack and 3000 defense. Would like to see that.)

There isn’t an existing model of the red eyes that I know of, so you have to look for it.

a good chunk of notable Yugioh Monsters pre-GX were in the Falsebound Kingdom for the gamecube and Duelists of Roses for the PS2(I think?), but rips of the models are limited and most of what people would want would have to be ripped. It does however include Red Eyes, his fusions and alternates.

RTB can probably do that.

What? No Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon?

To Told it, it’s too hard to create THREE HEADED DRAGON. Most problems always in the physics, maybe…

Oh, yeah. My fetish of dragons its getting fully fulfilled this summer…

Yet the dragons don’t look like they’re from the manga, shame, because I love the manga