Yuna For FFX-2

Hi guy im Looking For A yuna of FFX-2 cus the one i find it has broken links so plis could you plis send me e working link

You wouldn’t want it anyway, its all sorts of messed up

Dont worth a thread. The FF X characters are the most cheapest bastards I ever saw in a FF game… except Auron.

your wrong there as i could ripp the high poly versions used in cutscenes (they’re equivilant to the KH2 cutscene models)

The cutscene models aren’t really that much better than the gameplay ones to be honest. I mean a bit but not a huge deal.

still, every model deserves a chance at being in garrysmod dont they?

Well I believe both Yuna and Rikku have been ported before though.

Rikku has, Yuna was illegally and was taken down (by illegally he gave no credit to the ripper and rigger and they got it taken down and have not re-released it)

Also thanks to someone whos username ive forgotten, possibly WNxKraid i have Paine rigged and as an NPC, but its got alot of kinks to work out before i even think of releasing it. I already ripped the models.

Ragdolls, YES PLEASE.