Z-Apocalypse Town RP

I’m sure this has been thought of before, probably many times, and if so, oh well.

Basically, this is based in a small outpost comprised 2 areas - The Freeland, and Towns

Freeland - Zombies are abundant, death follows. Freeland is the bulk of the level, where you can scavenge for supplies, and fight zombies, or set out to colonize Towns.

Towns - Consist of 4 or 5 small buildings. The Starting Town will be clear of zombies, but the other small Towns in the map will be filled with zombies. Once all zombies are cleared from a Town, it is “Colonized”, meaning you can buy barricades and traps to protect it. It is wise to travel in groups to colonize and live in town.

Supplies - In the Starting Town, there is a supplies pick-up area. These can be escorted to towns for Cooks and Weapon Dealers.

The Zombies- Common and fast zombies roam around the Freeland and uncolonized towns. They kill on sight.

So, why Colonize?**
Zombie Attacks. Zombie attacks come in waves, and if they kill the members of a colony, it becomes Uncolonized. The more Towns you have Colonized, the less force of a Zombie attack on each town. If you all hole up in the Starting Town, the attacks will be relentless. The Zombies can not De-colonize the Starting Town, but it will remain Zombie-filled until it is cleared completely.


Scavengers - Go out into the Freelands to scavenge scrap metal to buy guns and food.

Escorts - Move supplies from the Starting Town to other Towns in groups.

Cooks - Get supplies from the Escorts to keep your Town from starving.

Gun Dealers - Get guns from the Escorts to sell for protection.

Defenders - Defend your Town from Zombie Attacks.

Engineer - Build barricades and traps from scrap metal to defend your Town.

Should have about a 30 player slot.

Seems like it would require a ton of map space…

You could make it work in hammer but it would be a bit of work.

Perhaps have the map divided into 5 sections: North, South, East, West, and Central? And In each section have a large area with one or maybe two areas that you can colonize.

How would the buildings work? Would you have a few permanent buildings that are seen in each colonizable area? (e.g. have, say, 5 different types of buildings and in each town and change the count of each depending on the town).

I would suggest having one large, or an area similar to the one that I mentioned before (N,E,S,W,C) that resembles a downtown/midtown area of a city, and instead of having to secure an area of multiple buildings, just have to secure one building at first then expand to nearby buildings to expand your colony.

I also suggest making players work together and form band of survivors, and also gear it towards serious roleplay. To go about that I would first make the players fill out a character sheet similar to those on TnB; Second, I would have a skill system and SPECIAL system that resembles the ones from Fallout and Fallout 2 (Because Fallout 3 has a simpler system) and have players skills gradually increase as they do respective activities, but get skill bonuses as certain classes, so certain classed don’t have disadvantages, and rather have a harder time doing things that they don’t specialize in (Players in a warrior class have a much harder time when dealing with technoligy and vise versa).

Those are just a few things that popped into my mind that I think would make it better :D.

Sounds good.

Wouldn’t the map be fairly large and kinda laggy? Could have 2 servers; First one is for new players and has less zombies, second server has a different map with more zombies and uncolonised towns?

Nice idea, but it needs big map like others said.

I’d map for this if someone would code for it.

I’m still figuring things out but I could help code for it, sounds pretty interesting.

Analyzed some stuff. I’ve looked into lua and played around with it. It confuses me sometimes, but I could maybe do some stuff with it. Doubtful, but maybe.

I could draw up a diagram in paint if it helps.

On the building bonuses, could you have a script inside the building that only appears when all the zombies are cleared? Or something behind a door locked until zombies are cleared? The entity could then have a bonus effect for 24+ hours or till zombies recapture areas.

Or perhaps the reward is behind a locked door and is generally a room that spawns either foodstuffs,weaponry, ammo etc. every so often. It could also spawn entities that when picked up by a certain class/someone with a high enough SPECIAL skill has an effect on the player, local players, or whole server.

I like the idea! If this gets up, somebody warn us :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe you could add a river in some maps, then you could find dry scrap metal that needs to dry first. Could make it an ability or something… just a small idea :slight_smile:

Buying weapon while no one care about money? Maybe a system of bag that give random stuff. Like 1 bag that give 7.52mm ammo or another one that give you an UMP45. Fonction to drop weapon for your friends if they didn’t find any.

Scrap metal is the currency. I couldn’t decipher the rest of that.

I could make a couple of custom mad sweps if someone actually do this.