Z Box

Pretty much EXACTLY the same as sandbox, But with player damages and Npc Headshot damages fixed to be realistic to the half life 2 standards.



Couldn’t this just be released as an addon for sandbox instead of a new gamemode?

Cant be done since the base gamemode has a npc.lua file that overwrites it. -.-

You can hook into ScaleNPCDamage and do your stuff, then return anything other than nil to override the base gamemode function.

Returning the base damage value and minimizing it doesnt seem to work for some reason.

You don’t need to return a value, just return true or false (doesn’t matter which). In the hook, just SetScale on the dmginfo depending on where the damage is.

Rubbish gamemode, user above is dumb who will rate me dumb properly. :3:


You made a gamemode that only changes damage? You do know that sandbox is not all about inflicting damage, do you?

Well scripted.

I highly doubt this dude made the gamemode to be some big thing, he probably just wanted to tinker around and made some things that have to be in a separate gamemode.

I’m not rating you dumb this time because you are right.

[sp]but you are dumb[/sp]


You’re strange.


I changed my mind, I rated you dumb.

make a thread about it

this can be done through addons…


Less flaming more helping maybe? If he cant do it with addon and does with gamemode then dont say 'Itz fail i can doez beterrz" but give him a tip.Well its nice.

You can easily do this with a gamemode hook. An addon like this has been made and released before.