Z-droid! Made by zero


Hey guys I’ve finally finished my droid. It has quite a lot of features so I guess I’ll just list them =P I’ll make it quick

  • Uses applyforce to fly (Thrusters have no use)
  • Uses applyangforce to face owner, face targets, stay upright etc.
  • Features a leveling system which includes experience
  • Gains experience through, either you or it, killing NPCs
  • Unlocks new abilities the higher the level it becomes, some of these include: Cloak ability, bomb drop, triple XP ability, mouse aim, auto attack and more!
  • Saves your level and experience every time you level up, this means even if you remove z-droid and respawn it, your old level and experience is saved!

Now I guess I should say the things I don’t like about it, I would fix these but I want to move on to my new project and get this off my hands =P

  • Mouse aiming isn’t 100% accurate
  • Auto aiming is not accurate (Aiming at feet problem)
  • Runs at around 900ops on average (E2)
  • Could be optimised in 1000 different ways, probably

I may upload a dupe/release it if enough people like it and you guys can convince me to.
Well now here are some pics! So enjoy =]


Leave your comments and critism, Im interested in what you have to say! Cya people =]

I lost interest when I realized you used E2.

so you want me to make a leveling system etc without e2…? rofl

I didn’t say that but I’m not going to get into another countless wire vs vanilla gmod debate

ohh I see, you just don’t like Expression 2/wire. Meh all goods I guess

As to fixing the shoot at feet issue, just add to the angle. +ang(P,Y,R)

I rather like it. :v:

It seems like you came in here for that exact purpose.

No get the postition of the head bone

Congrats on finishing this Zero, I’ve watched you work on it for quite some time now

cheers hunta, yes balto adding an angle to it wont work as it will just mess up if the distance changes even slighty. I will bother updating it with the head bone, seems worth the fix

yeah, just a quick replacement with your E:pos()

Sir, why mad ?

Ah headbone, makes sense. Good idea.

I would recommend using ApplyTorque and quaternions for your stabilization and aiming. I can help you with this if you need it, just drop by Soleces server, I’m usually in there.

Very interested in this, I have no clue when it comes to quaternions, and I have never tried using applyTorque lol

Cheers for offer, what is your steam addy?

oh sorry maybe you missed the memo, people in the contraptions subforum don’t hate on applyforce/E2 anymore and haven’t done for quite a few months now.

I can understand the confusion. We’ll get you up to speed.

In case you’re being serious and you’re not just trolling for the sake of trolling, here’s a few reasons why E2 is good/necessary for complex contraptions.

  1. Entity Count (E1 is deprecated and has been removed, and more complex contraptions use a prohibitively large amount of individual operations, making sensors and gates out of the question)
  2. Server Efficiency (This ties into the Entity Count as well as other things, reducing multiple different entities down to a single chip with a parented shell makes what would be complex horribly laggy contraptions not horribly laggy)
  3. Precision. You can’t get the same effect out of regular tools that you can with wire. I don’t suggest you try to debate this point because it’s a losing battle.

Here’s a few reasons why applyforce isn’t all that bad:

  1. It’s a vector thruster (it turns an entity into a vector thruster)
  2. Precision again.
  3. Streamlines and simplifies building at higher levels and saves you time that you would use placing thrusters. You can consider this a downside if you enjoy the drudgery that is manually placing thrusters and “winging it”.

Here are a few reasons why the argument “Wire isn’t pure gmod” does not work

  1. Neither is easyprecision, smartsnap, PHX, the weight tool, the fin tool, or any number of “must have” addons.
  2. Seeing as wire has grown along with the GMOD community to where it is now, at the very least it is one of the more important addons
  3. There’s no such thing as “pure gmod”.

Usually when I run into you it’s a lot of bandying back and forth because you don’t understand how applyforce works, or you don’t like it because you don’t understand it, or you prefer things to roll back to the good old days when there weren’t all these errors and everyone was just as terrible as you are. For whatever reason you decided not to give wire a fair shake and you feel that how other people build influences you personally on some strange level. If I’ve pegged you with any of the previous statements I’ve made, you’re a moron and there’s plenty of other morons like you that I’ve shouted down in the past. I don’t know why you lot keep showing up, but you’re just making yourself look foolish.

If you’ve got a new argument I haven’t seen against using wire to make complex contraptions, I’d love to hear it.

now that just made my day xD

You’re my hero.

mine too. That is the greatest amount of truth I have ever seen in such a small space.

There’s something about E2 that kinda disappoints me though. Sure you can make a bunch of neat-o stuff, as I’ve come to realize lately. But sometimes I would rather see something ordinary be realistically functional, with the use of wire thrusters to balance itself or something, need to refuel or has vents that spew out toxic gases every minute or so. Or simply stick stuff on to make it look aesthetic, like a wind turbine on it’s top to collect “energy”.

But that’s just my opinion on it, it’s still a cool looking droid, good job.

If you don’t like E2 because it manipulates objects, you shouldn’t like Vector Thrusters for doing the same exact thing.

Also the realism argument has been played out, friend. When you start questioning the “realism” of an object built in GMOD, you’re treading into reductionist territory where you could end up arguing that nothing is realistic, making the point somewhat moot. Hell, it’s like calling E2 “cheating” at garrysmod when there’s no such thing as, well, cheating. Not in a pure sandbox game, at least.

Sad thing is, you wouldn’t see any of the complex additions to the contraption within the E2 itself. It goes from looking complex and being complex to just being complex. This is the “black box” argument that E2 is a self-contained system inside of a chip, to which I say “it can be”. I don’t have any problem with it because it moves sensor placement and things like that from tactile stuff to a more conceptual base. I don’t have a problem with it, and I don’t see why people care about it.

So, if you come back to the thread, please explain to me why you have a problem with the “black box” nature of E2.