Z Hud (A New Hud With No Name Yet)


Use image tags, and upload to somewhere other then filefront. (Preferably SVN, GarrysMod.org or gmodfiles.com)

I really dislike the use of textures for the whole HUD, makes it feel horribly low quality.

I would if gmod.org wasnt a pile of crap :v:

Also, “Feel?” horribly low quality, How can you FEEL it?

PS: If i used img tags, it would fill up the whole screen “1920X1080”

It’s a standard uploader for Garry’s Mod addons, even idiots can upload their files to it.

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I get sensitive with my gaming, (it means I get a feeling of low quality).

Check the gmod.org section of the garrysmod facepunch section, You will see that the uploader is broken for some people, Because of the retarded vote button.

And as said “For anyone who wants it, Wich is hardly anyone :v:

It looks really plain with some sort of gradient bar, and I don’t really like how ‘simple’ it is.

You need to work on the look of it for sure.

Its supposed to be simple. :v:

And note, This is my first time EVER using Scissor rects, Thats why its so fucking plain :v:

Why aren’t you using your normal account?

She’s stingy about being a gold member, because most associate gold members with being “elitest assholes”, so she made a new account since her previous one was just about to go gold.

There’s plenty of simple huds out there. It looks really out of place most of the time, you defiantly want to at the very least, change up the colours.

I like being a gold member because I’m just better than you all.

I’d try this out but tbh I prefer the default hud in gmod, no idea why.

It’s really bland.

And ugly.

Use better colours.

He gets trolled in the GMF. Is good funnys.

Edit: non-golds wre funny cause they rate dumb or disagree whe they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Looks like the one in Halo CE, but in a different corner.

It’s not terrible, but it’s out standing in the sense that it stands out. I prefer a HUD that’s easily ignored.

Also, learn how to take criticism.

Another useless and pointless addon release by Zoey already being bombarded by boxes.

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What in the flying fuck, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6pAvMqQm3k&has_verified=1

0:40, my name is Artyom… Coincidence right? Bullshit people can’t even make up there own name, but hell I mean Axiom is the spaceship from Wall-e

Looks very unpleasing to the eye and the alignment and positioning seems horrifically wrong.




It’s rather because his other account is automaticaly associated with FPtje and the tag “guy prententing to be a girl” and “half complete and buggy releases”.