Do not save as .png you tit

after waiting a while for the picture to load I can say this is p. good. Shading and angle needs a little work, and it could use some super DoF tho.

I like detail of zombies crowd outside the window.

Fuck that, I’m not waiting for the png to load.

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Oh so you uploaded a 3.6mb png picture to a shit unknown russian server, no wonder why.

Easy, dude.
Quality - the main thing.

It’s better to use a better host though - like dropbox.

That said I like it, just find it odd that the heavy gun doesn’t take any of the ambient colour on. The two people are almost yellow from it, but the gun is unchanged.

guess what - highest quality jpg is same quality as png

but it’s miles smaller

Jpg is not png.
Jpg doesn’t pass many colors.

аликс не в тему.

not bad, but zombies too ugly.
Use L4D L4D2 zombies.

alyx from FF looks stupid in this pic

Man, zombies must be ugly :smiley:

Women - too strong people.

I mean Zombie model & textures are UGLY for me btw…
Advice:Use L4D Zombie Models.

I don’t need it.

Why’d you shop in a random Nerf gun?

It’s Photoshop.

Yes. That’s what I said.


For the lack of the big guns, it was necessary to use it :smiley:

Shadow direction is messed up in a lot of places. Looks like you don’t understand, don’t know or don’t care where the light source is.

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Lol pasted on weapons? Haha wtf. They are far lower contrast than the rest of the picture, less saturated and not of the right hue.

You mad some damn weird decisions while you were making this.

Yep, nice.

Sure gonna kill a lot of people with that *empty *nerf gun.

The detail on the zombies outside it pretty good but, seriously! The quality is horrible! The FF Alyx was a stupid decision and the random, EMPTY Nerf Gun just looks dumb. Just don’t Photoshop in random guns, it looks really dumb.