Za Warudo

Need I say more?

Independent one-day production. Suggestions for changes or improvements welcome. This works best in singleplayer with Keep Corpses on otherwise the weapon cannot accurately detect where the dead ragdoll of NPCs are, hough it should work in multiplayer, even on real players.

This is a take on, made for GM9. But this one really is better, honest.

Ahahaha, ingenious :smiley:

Translation for no special reason:
“Za Warudo” is Engrish pronounciation of “the world”, he then says:
“Stopping time.”
<time stops>
“And then, time starts moving.”

This is epic win. :smiley:


Woah, this is total epicness!

Downloaded, and a LUA king.

Oh man, I haven’t seen this in a long time.

Much heart.


Hahaha what the fuck
steal the steamroller vehicle from vmod and try using that

Holy shit.



Now go make a steamroller for maximum awesomeness! But you know, only if you want to…
Nevermind, VMOD model

The airboat/steamroller should explode after it smashes them.

I agree, the airboat should explode. Do this to many times and you have too many airboats sitting about.

Otherwise, This is Epic. Awesome job with the remake.

HAHAHA! I hate asians and their gay anime’s, but this is pretty sexy.

Holy Epicness. I SHALL NOW USE IT.

Wow this is extremely cool.

Awesome. Seriously, this is well made.

Has it been tested to work on other players?

That is fucking amazing.

Awesome. Also yes, change the model and make it explode after it’s done.