Zach and Anders

No this is not going to be a comic. These are just two characters that I plan on using for poses. I rather not download so many different models for so many different poses. I like to have a constant theme to my poses. BTW, I made the metro skins myself.

You used toytown didn’t you, for future referance, DON’T use toytown.

I need a link to those rebel models immediately, they look amazing

I agree, I would like to use those rebel models if you are willing to or are allowed to give.

Well… I am still going to use it. I like how it looks and I am the artist.

And for the other two posters, the rebel models are half-dead’s MW3 resistance guys… thingys… Just search for them.
For the resistance

Well…I apologise Mr.Artist, but hey I’m here to put my opinion across, not trying to derail you from being the next Claude Monet of the screenshot section.

posing is amazing!

Next time I’ll make something, I’ll include my cock. You know, not that you care but I really like how it looks and I’m the artist.

I don’t think comparing a crappy post processing effect to your cock (no matter how difficult to see it may or may not be) is fair.

Yes, I was being serious, seriously comparing toytown effect to my cock.

Ooh, did he just make a joke about how you may have a small cock oh I think he fucking did.

On no, I am not offended by what you said, I am just saying that I like toy town… I don’t know why, but it’s look appeals to me. Thanks for comment.

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Definitly! Except my cock is post processing, and there is going to be a lot of it!

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Let’s give him an award!