Zack from FF

Hi guys ! I would like to have Zack as player model in GMod, I could use Cloud from there: but to be honest it’s really fucked up, it’s eyes are deep in head so u can see space inside it, when u hold ANY weapon, ur hand gets screwed up and half invisible (you can see whats inside his body).

Also please make him have his buster sword on back

There are pics from FF7:CC.

I suggest you ripping it from FF7:CC and make it good looking/working in GMod

I’ll be really, really, really, really thankful !

You’ll be lucky if anyone who ports has a PSP and Crisis Core for it.

You are right, I’ll make an thread so people may fix Cloud’s fucked up model

I ripped Zack’s model’s quite a few months ago, Both from the begining and end of the game.

I would’ve done this myself a long time ago but I don’t know enough about basic Rigging to do So…

I’ve taken the liberty of uploading the contents of a Zack model that was used in one of the Cutscenes in the game, So Facial Expressions can be worked on if Someones intrested in working with them.

I hope they can prove useful, I wouldn’t mind seeing a player model and Ragdoll of this guy myself.

EDIT: Threw in extra image.

May I add that that’s one gay background you’ve got there.

High Quality Sephiroth Backrounds aren’t exactly the easiest thing to come by…

Just ignore him. The anti-FF haters are just assholes like that.

I’m not anti Final Fantasy nor a “hater”.

Apparently I’m the only one who doesn’t think that pretty face is just there because of cool character history.

It’s a hot, feminine, male face and it’s gay as hell.
It wouldn’t be there if that purdy face wouldn’t give the owner some erotic vibes.

That’s why I said it’s gay, because it’s a man, and we all know it.

Yes, because that makes for a more antagonistic enemy.

Think about it. 70% of gamers are men, and 90% of those are straight. Even if you aren’t homophobic, straight guys find a gay guy more unlikeable than a straight one. They may be fine with gays on a rational level, but at some level they find it “icky”, at least when said guy is ambiguously hitting on him. Even if they are completely fine with it, a straight guy will always find homosexuality somewhat “alien”, and, as you should know, there is little barrier between “different” and “evil”. Thus, a pretty boy villain is a better villain. As proven by science.

Not to mention the other 37% of gamers who ARE attracted to guys. That’s called “merchandising opportunity”. Square makes shitloads off of merch, you know, and yaoi fangirls eat that stuff up.

Heh, Sounds alot like someone I know on another forum would say. But Yes there are handful of them on the Net, But its very creepy when you run into one and they’re ‘interests’ on a particular game character…

But The guy Disapeared a few weeks ago So I’m a little releived that he’s gone… But just ingored him mpst pf time.

But let’s leave it at that since this is starting to go off-topic…

You stole my ‘man’ on the avatar. Just kidding, I know this sounds gay.

I am waiting for someone to finish it (The model)

Also yeah guys, I wonder if you think that this wallpaper is gay:

Not really.

It most definitely is. Just look at that huge sword! That sword is obviously a phallic symbol which symbolizes Zack’s inner, hidden lust for Cloud. You see, Crisis Core beneath the surface is actually all about the corruption of innocence and how homosexuality corrupts the minds of little boys. See, Cloud was an innocent kid before he met Zack- he was happy and cheerful and optimistic, but when he got involved with Zack he started to change and before he knew it he was being stuffed into dark, secret, underground laboratories( darkness and secretiveness symbolizing sodomy) and started to change physically and mentally. He had veered off the “straight” path and lost all of his vigor for life and couldn’t even move by himself. He didn’t want to continue the lifestyle but Zack forced him. He carried Cloud away from his dreams and together they became outcasts, doing their dark deeds in the desert. Then the military came to put a stop to all that, but before Zack died he passed on his “sword” to Cloud and that’s why Cloud remains gay all through FF7 and AC, choosing to go after Barret instead of the two insanely attractive women in his company:

Then Cloud lusts after Sephiroth who has the biggest sword of all, but that’s a different story.

Nope, since the main concentration point isn’t his girly face.

:golfclap: Offtopic.

Cloud ain’t gay hes emo!

I am declaring the debate over. Nobody’s going to convince anybody, the debate is rather meaningless anyways, and most importantly, it’s offtopic.

Returning to the original topic, I remember seeing a skin on It was a reskin of the KH2 Cloud, made to look like Zack. Not sure if it was a playermodel.

Well I found a reskin model of Cloud to look like Zack player model and ragdoll, but only thing they changed is the hair to black and the eyes to purple. It doesn’t even look like Zack at all his hair should look more like Axel from kingdom hearts since the spikes go back not a Goku spikes face up left and right. Plus the reskinned version of cloud to look like Zack doesn’t even have the scar.

Stop! Am I gay if I like these characters, and I do not call them gays?
You’re all stupid homophobes and you know it.

You are gay hehehe.

Seriously. Debate 'bout gayness is actually over, quit talking off the topic for god sake !

Also yeah, Cloud’s player model was fine but It was poorly rigged to source engine useable format. It has many bugs