Zaeed and Co. killing some Blue Suns

awesome, the guy in the middle looks like he has part of an ice cream bar on his head, sorta



** " I once took a group of day care children to an ice cream van, everyone died except for me, I managed to pull these ice cream sandwiches from the mouth of the Krogan warlord Gazzark." **

Zaeed and thane two of my favorite :smiley:

Guddamn experts.

The blood ruins it for me, I told you to fix it and you didn’t. You disappoint me Hunter.

Aside from the bad blood edit, the pic is good.

Crunk fo’ shizzle.

Fuck man, I remember when your pictures were generic mediocre shit. Fuck man, what happened?

I got awesome.

It’s so colorful. I like that shit.

The lighting is too bright and flat. Usually people make pictures that are entirely midtones… this picture is actually lacking midtones and anything below.

Horrible blood.

low res mixed with hi res textures is horrible.

Picture is not your best.