Zaeed enjoying a drink with shepard

This is practice since I almost never do poses

I did a basic edit in PS


im looking for tips to improve it,

posing could need some work, but their faces made me lol.

Also is that shephard model released?

thanks ill do better on the poses next time
and the shepard is in my release thread

Sweet, thanks mate.

Zaeed looks completely wasted. :v:

God damn, I love Zaeed’s face. Just picture it now, with his voice, in a drunken, slurring rant about one of his merc missions.

why does shepard look like hes getting blown from under the table?

this still made me laugh. good work plasmid

cause tali figured out invisibility
and thanks

Oh wow, I can’t believe I missed this one. Funny stuff.

Zaeed doesn’t enjoy anything

except killing