Zangetsu skin for crowbar

Can someone make me a skin of Zangetsu that I can put over crowbar? Or if possible, a whole new weapon. If you make a new weapon, could you please use the attack like the Master Sword someone made where left/right click shoots out. Specifications would be:

Look like picture (picture below)

Right click shoots out a getsuga tenshou (basically shooting out something like the AR2 rifle’s right click except no bounce, more like a little explosion (refer to Master Sword’s left click.))

Oh! You mean a nazi-katana crowbar replacement!

It’s not a nazi-katana. It’s from a manga called Bleach. The sign on it isn’t nazi, it’s some buddhist sign.

ps. this is a MODEL not a SKIN

Oh… nevermind… i miss read this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Buddhists these days are Nazis.


Haha. No but seriously, the real thing doesn’t even look like a nazi symbol. Oh and the nazi symbol is an angled version of some german symbol meaning cleansing or something. I didn’t pay much attention.

there are some diffrince betwin nazi and something else lol you shouldent judge things so easy

This would be sweet to have.
and NO this has nothing to do with nazi’s its from bleach

You know you guys are 3 years late.