Zangetsu Swep

Love the anime Bleach? Well you’ll love this! Zangetsu ported into Gmod and turned into a swep. Now don’t get too excited, the swep is the most basic with no extra stuff. Left click to attack and deal 50 damage. I felt so accomplished after learning how to convert a .obj to .smd to .mdl for use with gmod. I just had to share this. Yes I’m a noob but I hope to get better. The original model comes from

You can download it in the workshop here

Also added in Elucidator!

You can download it here

Ichigo Player Model!

You can download it here:

Atleast he’s learning guys isn’t that what it’s all about?

Yes I am learning and I do feel accomplished.

Just ignore the dumb post they don’t mean anything really. Besides face-punch in all honesty is full of hypocrites at times. Not everyone just most people They will sit here and complain about Garry mods condition and the second people try to upload content they are interested in, they will bash them and discourage them from creating stuff. This is one of the main reason I feel gmod is in a stand still, besides the way the server browser is set up.

You have to keep in my mind that just because face-punch thinks it is is dumb doesn’t mean it is. I got rated over 40 dumbs on my game-mode I made and all of my servers were packed 24/7.

Just keep making stuff, and stop worrying about what others think of you. When it is all said and done it is if your happy.

You sir have just earned a new friend.

too small :confused:

Yeah. Its too small.

How do I bankai?

I can scale it, although I’m not sure how big it should be.

If you download the source sdk it should come with correctly sized player-model you can use to get the right scaling.

Why not just use s-low’s already created prop model?

I bring you Ichigo!