Zanpaktou request.

Thinking about it, there hasn’t been many melee weapons (that I have seen) that have been any good or atleast fun to play with so I was wondering if anyone could make a Zanpaktou from the anime, Bleach.

My idea for it would to have three forms: The normal blade, Shikai release and Bankai release. The three forms will have a different alt attack like: Flash step (basicly teleport yourself a short distance with a one second “cooldown” before you can teleport again) for the normal blade, some form of ranged attack from the weapon for the Shikai release and for the Bankai release you could have something very over powered like the Shikai’s alt attack combined with a normal slash (of the Bankai’s main attack) but the ranged attack is way more wide spread and damaging to everything around it along with its alt attack being like the normal blades flash step but increased range and doesn’t have the “cooldown”. it would be also cool if the release forms are powered by the hev suit armor as in, every time you kill a npc or player it would give you a little armor and when you have enough you can use a release form by say, pressing R for Shikai and shift and R for Bankai, but once in a release the armor will have decreased and you only have limited time in the release form before it reverts to the normal blade again.

Most of my idea is based on the anime and i’d guess you have to watch it (if you haven’t done already) to know what I’m getting at. I guess it would need a few custom models as well if you want it to look good but that doesn’t matter as much i guess but it would be cool if you could make them.