Zanzibar Land Guards V2. Now featuring: %100 less stone helmets.

[release][tab]Name:[/tab]ZL Guards version 2.
[tab]Version:[/tab] 2
[tab]Description:[/tab] I decided to make those guards from Metal Gear 2.
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s Mod 10
[tab]Download:[/tab] Here. [/release]

Since nearly everyone disliked how orange-ish and bright white they looked, and the fact that they looked half-assed made me want to re-do these guys again.

Hopefully I did it right this time.


  • An actual helmet, not made of stone.
  • Bodygroups for a patrol cap, 2 berets (one red, the other green), and a camo helmet.
  • Has all 9 citizen heads. (They can’t seem to blink, though.)
  • X-treme awesome redshirt action.

People I gotta give thanks to:

  • Rusty (I used the National Guards as a base model)
  • Ubisoft (The gasmask is from Vegas 2)
  • People in the Models & Skins WIP thread (Critique and telling me how I could make them look better)
  • Omolong (Telling me how to make non-shitty textures and overlays)

Any bugs or problems, just tell me, and I will fix them.

what’s the guy in the last picture up to? he looks like he has some baaaaaad gingavitis

So now we have the zanzibar guards maybe someone could make some genome soldiers?

I saw a retex on fpsbanana for the arctic avenger model. That model is pretty much spot on with a genome and that mod just made it look exactly like one.

Whose footprints are these?


I’m sorry, this vent is occupied.

I love them, also nice GIFs dude.

Also really nice Vegas mask. Did you port it yourself?

I liked the orange ones more, they looked more like Gurlukovich’s soldiers, who look really badass IMO


Great, can you like, port something for me if it doesnt bother you?

What do you need?

Well, Can you port the whole Anaconda kit (Vest, Shoulder, Arm, Kneepad) and Ballistic Helmet (The one you start with)

And hack it to Male_07? You can use this uniform as a base. Please, I hope I dont bother you.

Doh, I believe someone else is trying to get the Vegas 2 armors already.

So far its warithcat, but no progress yet :confused:

Well, I need the kit for a personal skin of mine.

I’ll see what I can do.