Zastava Arms M92, PKM machinegun and a Mosin Nagant

Hello modellers of Facepunch.
If you have time could you make those models? They should be like CS:S skins with v_ models and such. I am going to use them in a private SWEP pack (Not releasing because I’m VERY horrible at LUA).

Weapon #1
The Zastava Arms M92 looks like an AKS-74u. Only difference is underfolding stock, mag and handguard and the fact that it fires 7.62x39mm rounds instead of 5.45x39mm. Pic of Zastava M92 is below.
You could just take an AKS-74u model, change its mag and stock and it would be enough. No need to change the handguard.

Weapon #2
A PKM machinegun. There is one on GameBanana but it’s all wrong. The one on GameBanana feeds from the left and has its ejection port on the right while it should be the opposite. Feeds from the right and ejection port should be on the left.
Pic of the PKM machinegun is below.

Weapon #3
I’ve been looking for a Mosin Nagant, both as a skin for the AWP in CS:S and for my SWEP pack (It needs CS:S hands). It can be scoped or non-scoped, your choice. Pic of a Mosin is below.

Thank you for reading.

should have mosin nagant, it’s just a prop though. PKM

Too bad none of the PKM models I’ve ever found have a spread bipod or in the worst case have no bipod at all.