[zD] Western Roleplay 2

Western Roleplay 2

Western Roleplay, is where you take on the role of an old western character in the desert. You can forge alliances and setup a hide out. You can even take over the small town if you wanted.

You choose your job, which could range from the glorious Sheriff or Deputy to the crime ridden underworld of the Bandit or Outlaw.

There is a shop system which allows the purchase of weapons, food and other supplies and you can then resell these items to other characters in game for a profit.

We also have a character system that you can only choose your player model, for now. But updates do come and we are working on a fully featured profile system.

So, come join us. Western Roleplay is just a click away.


Its offline.

The map doesn’t depict Western at all.

Why not try using Westwood?

A GModRP modification… I’m also modifying GModRP so I recognize it pretty fast. I really like how you’ve modified it. :smile:

The funny thing is that I always though about making something like WesternRP out of GModRP. I hope you will make a public release of it later, else I might do it before you.

By the way, why the hell do you have a jeep item? It’s not very western…