zDark RP (Nexus Framework)

This Australian/New Zealand Based server includes Kuropixel’s Nexus RP Framework.

WARNING: The RP script is still under construction don’t expect much as of yet

If you would like to try favorite this server:

Also Visit our Forums: http://forum.zdark.com

Property such as Homes can only be bought (ingame money of course) through the forums (for now) so register with our forums to reserve your spot.

Our System of Roleplay:
A System of Bill paying will be introduced. If you do not pay repo men may take your possessions

You cannot spawn props. Only Buy them from stores (Such as a furniture store or a florist)

More Systems to come…

You seemed to have hyperlinked the forum link wrong.

He spelled forum wrong in the hyperlink…

Now to the advertisement

-Bad spelling (You could have gotten a spell checker if you’re from a different country)
-Not much information is told
-No Media (People like that)
-System of roleplay is kinda towards the script doing the roleplay for you…

10 slot server :confused:

I’d say you need atleast 20 for a good server.

10 slot server is good for testing before you get more money to buy a server with more slots.

10 slots sucks no one will join


also 330 ping lol

  1. 10 Slot due to Cost. (Donations will increase slot count.)
  2. Server is situated in Sydney, Australia.

So, why the hell is there dark rp in the name anyway?


zDarkRP is not DarkRP, zDark is the name of my website, that i am using for the community. Hence “zDarkRP” or “zDark.com | Roleplay”

Relying on donations to pay for your server isn’t that wise. (Unless you have a fairly popular community)

Unless you plan to explain that in your server name, people will just think its another DerpRP server.

  1. I currently pay for the server, we arn’t relying on donations at all.
  2. Who cares? Whats wrong with DarkRP anyway? (Rhetorical)