Huge mega thanks to Agilor for awesome editing! Tack, m8!




Any C&C is highly appreciated!

oh god no, the bag over his head looks horrible oh my goooood

It looks great, but I have no idea what Zduhać is. Is it a Czech legend?

Or is it just me not playing hearts of stone?

Zduhać - A man with extraordinary supernatural abilities - Slavic mythology

Probably one of the best I’ve seen from you/Agilor

the reddish orange from the candles is a little strong but otherwise it’s great

sounds kinda like ruchać which means ‘to fuck’

can say it’s not czech mythology. by the ć I’m guessing croatian.

Agilor you gotta chill with the rimlighting man.

Magnificence in all its colors. Very much love how you did the candle fires. Are they paritcular fire candle brushes or did you somehow paint them in?

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Though I do have a minor complaint of how the head of the guy looks kind of flat because I think you didn’t do the rim lighting correctly on it.

a lot of the rim lighting dont seem to make any sense
everyones picking on about the bag, but what troubles me is how the shoulder pads have blue rim lighting despite the source of lighting from the back are the candles

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blue lights are casting a ton of rim lights but none of the candles are

thanks for the C&C boys, very helpful and I appreciate it a lot.

I painted them with a cloudy/fluffy brush.

im addicted to excessive rimlights, help mme

Wow, very impressive, and great effects.