Ze Gun

My first swep. Made with stickmakerman’s swep generator.
It’s automatic, admin only. 5 damage each shot. if there is any bugs, or the clip doesnt go down. Tell me, and tell me how to fix it :smiley:

Don’t release sweps made with the swep generator, they are all the same and it’s usually not a good idea to release your first swep. And “You may edit how you want. But you need my permission”?

The edit how you want thing is for if you want to work onto it etc, fix bugs if you want, and yadda yadda yadda

How can you fix bugs in a swep made with a swep generator?

Well after I save it, I check on gmod. If any problems, I check the code in the swep’s folder and fix the stuff. Because when I first made it the weapon was gonna be pistol, but it was an error. SO i went to the lines of code and fixed it

No…not like that, how can you fix a bug in a weapon made in a SWEP generator, the swep generator does everything for you and that code is tested. All you can change are the models and i assume those are good.

Sorry, 5 second guns were bad in gmod 9, they still are.

Well it was my first swep, and i just typed stuff in that I knew in it. and the models thing, I did weapon/v_pistol.mdl
instead of

Don’t you get what i’m saying?

That isn’t bug fixing,
You made a swep with an automatic generator, there is nothing to fix but maybe one clearly defined line that was ment to be modified anyways.

Point is, don’t release this unless its something new and interesting, noone really cares if its interesting to you, keep it to yourself.

And “Don’t edit it without my permission” is pretty contradictory because it isn’t even your work to begin with.

You didn’t make a SWep you clicked stuff and the generator made it.


“Did you pay for a five minute argument or the full 30 minute argument?”

Okay, kid. I may not be too good at lua coding but I know for a fact that it is very wrong to use a SWep Generator and then put the SWep on garrysmod.org. Please don’t do this again.

Basically, you clicked stuff and had a program do it all for you. What gives you the right to release this as yours?

How about we all agree that this was a waste of a thread and just move on and have some pie?

What flavor?


very very bad words directed to op

I thought it was going to be pie flavor.
Oh well.

5-second swep, GTFO.
That has always been a saying here. You put no effort at all into this. In fact, you didn’t even make it at all. You pressed a couple of buttons, and all the work was done for you. It’s pathetic. It’s not even interesting. It shoots some bullets. Big fat hairy deal.