Ze_bp-infested-prison_b1 - A CSS Zombie Escape Map

Hey guys, I recently created my second map within about 2 weeks, and it’s simply based on a prison. You can play this
map properly on a Zombie Escape server inside of Counter-Strike Source, as that’s what it was crafted for. (Durr!)

I’ve posted it on Gamebanana, so if you like it feel free to rate it!

Anyways, tell me what you think, constructive criticism is welcome as I’m about to start work on another Zombie Escape map.


Download from Gamebanana - http://www.gamebanana.com/maps/156320

Check out my 1st map - http://www.gamebanana.com/maps/151564


Jesus Christ it actually has lighting!

It’s a good start but you could work on your brushwork a bit more, add some more detail because at the minute it’s a bit blocky.

Thanks. I tried to add as many decals, props and lights as possible, without making it look crowded. I rushed the outside areas, and you can see that the towers are a quite blocky. Also, i had some problems creating cubemaps to stop that damn fullbright on the plants at the final hold-off.

Anyways, thanks for your comment!