ze_underground_train_escape (new name?)

Here’s what I got so far, from start of the map to end:
Basically, start on the top floor of that glass building, take an elevator down, get on the trucks or walk, go to the train, if you didn’t catch the train you could use the vents and the sewers. But now I need help from you guys, I need more ideas for what’s gonna happen after you leaven the train. (Last picture) I was thinking like a helicopter or boats, but please **be specific. **
Oh yeah and I need a new name because I thought that it was all gonna be underground so I named it underground train…

blocky blocky blocky first to 6th screenie.

That’s because I only did the layout of it. I’m trying to finish this whole layout of the map before I start on the detail.

Picking an helicopter to the top of another building would be fun i guess… by the way “ze” is zombie mode for cs or something else?

Zombie escape for CSS. But what exactly do you have in mind, another elevator up?

An helicopter to transport the first getting there to the top of a building, it will make people rush to the train in the start of the level that will take them to the heli, wich will lead them to the top of the new building that provides like the best camp zone. But ofcourse there need to be another ways into that building… for the zombies to transform them or to the late guys that didnt poke the heli.

I’m complete nab at hammer but I guess yeah, the heli could be an elevator up with a “trigger_once” inside to make it ‘fly’ up to the top of the building. Also make the “trigger_once” like 15 secs delay so more people can come abord.

Actually that’s a really good idea. Any ideas for the name?

I’m pretty sure this is Zombie Escape. Not Zombie Mod. There’s a bit different. Zombie Escape, you have to escape and it’s over. So like you escape and it kills everyone in the map. And whoever’s in the train wins.

I’m pretty sure ZombieMod is the exact same thing as Zombie Escape.

Zombie Escape has an objective. (GET TO TEH CHOPPAH)
Zombie Mod = hide, survive.

I’m referring to the mod being used, not the gameplay.

Oh yeah they’re the same.

I know they’re the same. I was stating what you do in the different variants of the maps.

My mistake for misunderstanding.

Meh, no problem.

You should give it more of a ‘zombie apocalypse’ feeling with stuff broken and a more gloomy atmosphere.

Yeah, unless this was the intended feel.