ZedSouls - RPG - Survival - Custom GM


I’m currently developing a game-mode I made from scratch, called Zed Souls.

The game-mode is currently a WIP and is this not a release thread

It’s a survival roleplaying game, currently the only monsters are zombies called zeds. ( slow, fast and heavy zombies, bandits and others are wip )

The players come into the game as Zed Hunters. You can customize your character model and color and accessories.

The game-mode features are mostly custom features including:

* Hud - custom wip hud for character display.
* GUI - custom menus and backgrounds to add dramatic atmosphere
* Weapons - from fists to rocket launchers all the weapons are custom
* SNPC's - zombies, bandits and shop keepers
* Leveling - money experience and attributes and skills
* Stats that affect character skills abilities and affinity to craft
* Custom Crafting System.
* Salvaging system to get loot from the environment and craft with it
* Looting system off of zeds.
* Inventory System.
* PvP balance system for people who want to be bandits and highwaymen.

experimental hud:

updated the Hud a little to test some image work.

Here is a gallery to show some of the features.

As far as any release or server goes, I am going to be running my own server and hosting the game-mode exclusively until I see fit for a community version.

The purpose of this thread is to find out if there are any gmod communities interested in this type of game-mode and want to help test it or offer suggestions.

Thank you.

It looks great. But that HUD is a bit… Plain. Think you can make it a bit more nicer on the eyes before you take it out of the “wip” stages?

I could use images for the hud and make it more extravagant, I am just not sure what route a I want to take it. The health bar area and xp/ammo areas are not finished and will be changed before taken out of WIP.

I updated the hud a bit , checkign out some images I worked on, and some code for placing images on the screen.

What do you do to level up just kill zombies?

EDIT: This looks AWESOME! Before you release it or if you do… Think twice this is a pretty cool gamemode! Nice job!

Now that adds a bit more pazas to it!

Honestly, visually it all looks horrible. I wouldn’t want to play it based on that.

Yeah I not a visual artist, I am a coder. The game works well though, and to me that’s more important then it looking good.

The gamemode looking good is equally as important, because if it doesn’t look good, people would avoid it.

Maybe you should make them with Derma, and not images.

I am experimenting with more sophisticated images, made of multiple layers.

Here’s something I made in a couple hours after everyone told me my hud is ugly and they wont play it.

Ah. So when the player loses health, the layer changes.

Not sure if your being facetious or not. But yeah I made a background layer a healthbar layer and a foreground layer, and getting them all to fit properly was interesting and getting the healbar to move and look right was a fun challenge.

I’m adding more hud elements now to put it all together and make it look like all the hud matches and creating a theme.

Grungy digital is probably what its best described.

Im not joking when I say that I’m interested to see how this turns out!
I support you 100%.

This looks really interesting.

The HUD is looking better, but I don’t think the font suits the gamemode at all.

Love the new battery-looking HUD, but I agree that the font is fucking dire.

Looks interesting, I’d be interested in hosting a server of this but it’d be in Australia so not sure what kind of ping you’d get if you wanted to come on and see your baby in action :stuck_out_tongue: