Zelda Gamemode

I rememeber hearing that someone was doing a Zelda gamemode awhile back. Dunno what happened to it, though, so I’ll just put a few of my ideas out there for now.

I’d love to see a sort of Zelda Gamemode. You’d have to change the view to third person, of course, like playing 3rd person in Left 4 Dead.

An idea for improvements to the Master Sword SWEP:

-M1 to attack with the sword

-M2 to shield (Only protects in front of you)

-E+M2 to shield-shove (knocks back enemies that are too close, reflects projectile attacks)

-ctrl while moving to roll

Replace the grenades with Bombs, the Crossbow with the one from “Link’s Crossbow Training”, and modify the Spider-Man SWEP so it’s a clawshot/hookshot instead of spider web.

Perhaps include some co-op play, “4 Swords” style.

The zelda gamemode thread is only on page 2 of this board. Here’s a link: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=772535

The Gmod Tower team also said this:

jarico off topic here but i no they said that but it resembles zelda in the least of ways