Zelda Legends

Zelda Legends is a CO-OP gamemode for Garry’s Mod made to help bring the Legend of Zelda series back.
It is based in between Twilight Princess and Wind Waker before Hyrule is flooded. You play as Link from Twilight Princess who is trying to keep Hyrule at peace.
Enemies are still roaming Hyrule, Items still cost money and people still generally are dieing.

Money & Store System
Quick Weapon Select ( Like the C-Buttons in Ocarina of Time)
Free-Roaming - If you don’t want to fight you can run around Hyrule

SVN: http://zeldalegends.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/


Transformation: 100%
C-Buttons: 90% -- Theres a bug that if you hold the button it keeps giving you the weapon
Money: 0%
Free-Roaming: 95%
HUD: 0%
Weapons: 33%


double post?

Do you need coders, mappers and modelers? :v:

Yes I need pics or fake

Let me guess, you need LUA coders, mappers and modelers and you are the “creative direction?”

will be good if it goes through and is real id like to design a hud for something like this i love the old zelda games

Actually im coding it, i mainly need mappers and modellers. Although some help with VGUI and a HUD would be apprieciated. And pictures coming soon, theres just not alot to show at the moment; but as soon as i get at a good point i shall post pictures here.

!!! i can design one for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Careful, some people get really angry when people post things that just show up as ideas. And sometimes there are people who will end up taking the idea and making it themselves, too.

Sounds kind of entertaining though. Good luck.

hmm i might make up a hud design today if i get time just for show see what you think :slight_smile:



i need to fix the green bar (forgot what its called) its a bit off but the rest i reckon looks good

Lolnostalgia :v:

I hope Ronnon knows how the code, because that HUD is fucking incredible.

That’s some sweet luas.

hohihihaha, sounds awesome :smiley: cant wait… but i would wanna help with them maps BUT! my hammer f*cks around to much for me these days

yeh lol i tried to make it as much like the original as i could but im thinking if he uses that as the hud i might make some improvements but idk

Edit: found a great site with zelda game sounds a while back http://noproblo.dayjo.org/ZeldaSounds/
ocarina of time = best ones

I had to improvise my brief design (paint is awful), anyway I reckon there should be a few new features to make sure its good…

  1. Class Strengths and Karma: At the start, you have a mission that will impact your Karma forever, Good or Bad. If you go to the good side, you will have slightly lower health but more magic power (apart from Hero of Time, which gives you 4 FULL HP BARS and a Hero Meter (converts damage into health and power)!) Where if you go to the bad side, you will have big health AND magic (although this means all classes will have max health, but very little inventory). Magic types will have increased MP, where Attack types will have lots of health!

  2. What happens with certain Karma?: When you reach max Good or max Bad, you will get a blue or red aura respectively, and your character gains a Hero Meter (or Dread Meter). Dread meter is more power, although Hero Meter is used for reviving others and yourself (as well as a little more attack power).

  3. Save system and Inventory: When you hold C and click on save, your character will save their inventory, xp and skills. Inventory is NOT weight based or size based, it is just a backpack that can hold up to 20 (or 5 for evil) items. Rare weapons need to be stored in a special RUNE BLOCK (4 for good, 1 for evil) and Legendary weapons need to be stored in 2 of them (Only the Hero of Time can draw the Master Sword and use it).


I need to learn lua