Zelda Legends

Zelda Legends is a CO-OP gamemode for Garry’s Mod made to help bring the Legend of Zelda series back.
It is based in between Twilight Princess and Wind Waker before Hyrule is flooded. You play as Link from Twilight Princess who is trying to keep Hyrule at peace. However, Ganon is back to his evil plans is doing everything to get his hands on the Triforce. You’re mission is to restore Hyrule and not let Ganon to touch the Triforce.

Money & Store System
Quick Weapon Select ( Like the C-Buttons in Ocarina of Time)
Free-Roaming - If you don’t want to fight you can run around Hyrule

This is still in production!!! Any comments or requests are welcomed
Anyone who wants to help PM me.

What do you have done?

So far transformation and CO-OP. Working on the money and store system now.