Zelda materials?

I was wondering if anyone could give me the materials/textures from Ocarina of Time so I can make more Zelda maps,with better textures,I ripped them myself,and there very small.

If you already ripped them yourself, why do you need someone else to give them to you?

read the entire post

Yes, he is asking for the textures and materials but then he says he has already ripped them.

“they’re too small”

Yeah,I already have one Zelda map out,im planning on a version 2,then im gonna make Lake Hylia.

Version 2 will include props in the house
and probably better textures if I can get some help. So in short,more detailed,the shape is not a problem,that already looks good. If you need to see it,type in ctlp in garrysmod.org search bar. But its not necessary,just need some textures.